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I have been a professional Genealogist for over 45 years and have located tens of thousands of ancestors...and living individuals! I will FIND YOUR FAMILY HISTORY, photos, documents, and more! I charge by the hour or by the content, depending on the capacity.  It's up to you. 
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Want to find your ancestors...or long, lost cousin Harry, or identify old family photos and individuals?

Love history? Love good stories and legends? Need medical histories? Want the EASIEST, most concise 1,2,3 method of GENEALOGY? Then...


Using NEW~AGE~GENEALOGY you'll quickly learn what is needed to gather family information; obtain & organize a collection of necessary materials & forms; become familiar with important genealogy terms; discover which local sources provide the best & most accurate information, and explore methods and techniques of using on-line genealogy sites, as well as your local resources.
Explore and analyze vital records such as Birth, Death, Marriage and many more. You will also learn how to request copies for your research from family, friends, and public sorces...and what to look for in those records. This lesson uses several easy-to-follow examples for finding vital records in databases on the Internet and how to accurately log it into your records. And equally important; what not to add to your files.
1862 NC and VA coastal map

Learn the value of census records and discover that spelling really doesn't count! And sometimes a cousin isn't a cousin at all! You will learn which census records are available, where to find them, and how to analyze them.

You'll discover reasons why you may not have been able to find an elusive ancestor. (No, they didn't fall off the planet)! You'll examine the powers of the Soundex system and learn its value in solving some mysteries. You'll also learn how to analyze old handwriting, because trust me, it's much different than todays script.

Learn how local and on-line searches—when done properly—can not only answer many of your questions but substantiate one another...or not! You’ll also learn how to use the LDS Library Web site (and others) to find published information, saving you hours or days of research time.

Explore writing styles, unusual resources, and the value of e-mail. You'll discover the value of mailing lists and learn the proper way to subscribe and post messages. You’ll also learn how to search past archives for messages that might help fill in missing branches on your family tree.

Discover what resources are available for researching military records and where to find them. The example in this lesson walks you through a search of the US Civil War database and explains how valuable pension records can be in learning more about your ancestors.

Research maps, deeds, and grants for genealogy. You will investigate abstracting deeds and do a search of the Bureau of Land Management Web site for Land Grants and Homesteading Patents.

Why/how Ragain became Regen/Reegen/Ragan or Cartier became Carter, Carts, etc, and how this may apply to your family names? You will find out how to use time lines and why they may apply to your search, as well as common immigration patterns across this country from the beginning of its discovery.

Locate exciting things that can come from researching newspapers, city directories, periodicals, and wills. You’ll also learn a great way to find collateral lines (cousins), and perhaps fill in some middle names which can open new doors! Also, in this issue, the importance of sharing your work, files, photos, etc, with others.

Additionally, you'll explore even more genealogy tools, sources, and software, and how finding a famous relative can be of help in finding more ancestors quickly and accurately. Additionally, you'll see how (if you have the availability to do so) traveling to another state can be of major service to your search.

NEW~AGE~GENEALOGY is now available on CD, so it is easily and totally compatable with computer genealogy programs. You simply open both NewAgeGentology AND whatever program you're using...or the internet...and click back and forth between them! It is also printable if you so desire, to carry along on your research trips!

The book is 1.68 MB, 73 (some illustrated) pages, with printable forms and templates to get you started and LOADS of web-sites to access for FREE download-able/printable forms of all description (a list is provided).

LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW is here to get you started; help you through the rough spots; and guide you down the path to a fulfilling 'reunion' with your ancestors!

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